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We offer a wide variety of rimfire and centerfire revolvers in every caliber from respected manufacturers such as Smith & WessonColtRugerTaurusKimberHeritageNAA, and more. The tried and true revolver (also known affectionately as the wheel gun) came into widespread use with the patented Colt revolver in 1836. Known for their reliability and simplicity, revolvers remain a popular choice for self-defense, hunting, recreational shooting and collecting to this day. Here at Gunbuyer, we love wheel guns as much as you and we strive to provide the best selection at the best prices possible.

revolver (also called a six shooter or a wheel gun[1][2]) is a repeating handgun that has at least one barrel and uses a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers (each holding a single cartridge) for firing. Before firing a round, cocking the hammer partially rotates the cylinder, indexing one of the cylinder chambers into alignment with the barrel, allowing the bullet to be fired through the bore. The hammer cocking can be achieved by either the user manually pulling the hammer back (as in single-action), via internal linkage relaying a rearward movement of the trigger (as in double-action), or both (as in double-action/single-action). By sequentially rotating through each chamber, the revolver allows the user to fire multiple times until having to reload the gun, unlike older single-shot firearms that had to be reloaded after each shot.

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Although largely surpassed in convenience, reload speed, and ammunition capacity by semi-automatic pistols, revolvers still remain popular as back-up and off-duty handguns among American law enforcement officers and security guards and are still common in the American private sector as defensive, sporting, and hunting firearms. Famous revolvers models include the Colt 1851 Navy Revolver, the Webley Revolver, the Colt Single Action Army, the Colt Official PoliceSmith & Wesson Model 10, the Smith & Wesson Model 29 of Dirty Harry fame, the Nagant M1895, and the Colt Python.

Though the majority of weapons using a revolver mechanism are handguns, other firearms may also have a revolver action. These include some models of riflesshotgunsgrenade launchers, and cannons. Revolver weapons differ from Gatling-style rotary weapons in that in a revolver only the chambers rotate, while in a rotary weapon there are multiple full firearm actions with their own barrels which rotate around a common ammunition feed.